Tuesday, 5 April 2011

First Post as a blogger member!.

This is my first step to know blogger word. Hang tight, lots of great stuff is coming up..see u all..welcome to my blog!!..

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Fadebook

Facebook is quickly becoming obsolete to me.

The true story is that I used to be fairly active on Facebook, having upwards of 400 friends at one point. I found it amazing that I could find old friends from middle school and reconnect with them. Looking at pictures of class trips to Shah Alam city was fun.Then I realized that Facebook was just a waste of time. You spend more time looking at pictures of people drunk or with their kids. Now, don't get me wong, that stuff can be interesting but it starts to get old quickly.

So I deactivated my account.
I was happy with the decision and for a while, pretended that ingorance in bliss. I was proud of the fact that I was off the book and happy to tell anyone who would listen.

Last week, I reactivated my account.
Why? I am finding it a useful tool as part of my job search strategy. It helps me see what kind of presense potential employers might have in the whole "social" space. It has in some cases helped me better understand who I might be interviewing with (although LinkedIn is really where that is done best) and it has help me waste hours or time reconnecting with old friends.

But really, nothing has really changed on Facebook. It is still the same old boring thing it always was. I don't really see it as being all that dynamic. Content is fed into Facebook from so many sources (like Twitter) and I am getting tired of seeing things coming across each platform through many different people.
I am going to keep my Facebook account because I suppose I can use my privacy settings to keep everything private and because it's a great research tool but it really isn't the great connector it once was.
There was a study done by Facebook and The Economist a few months ago that showed that while some people have more friends and more contact on Facebook, the average user has no more friend and interacts with no more people regularily than the offline person.

So, in my mind, Facebook was great while it lasted but now it's time to watch Twitter go through the same transformation.And I really think that interfaces, platform and aggregators like Google Wave or FriendFeed that can tie it all together in a useable way will be the big winners in the future. Afterall, I rarely interact with twitter.com's website.

I Hate Social Media So Much!!

hey2 u all...wht about today?..have got shake?..last day i got just one vanila shake OMG really sad!!..hee..about entry today just i want to emo haha.I hate social media!!.

I hate the words themselves, I hate the platforms, I hate social media marketers, I hate social media consultants and I hate the whole concept of "social media".

I am finding it really boring. It's the same lame stuff day in and day out:
Brands that have zero orreplies in their twitter feed - thanks for talking to the air, must be fun.
People who live-tweet everything around them - thanks, but I'm sitting next to you (virtually or really sitting beside you).
The thousands of "will it succeed?" blog posts that the release of a new platforms seem to spawn like Gizmo after a bath..haha
Content that masquerades as "help" when it really: states the obvious, is link bait or says nothing you couldn't learn in 5 minutes.
What I love is people.

Real people that say "thank you" and mean it. Companies that offer a genuine helping hand "even though we don't sell food, here's where you can get great sushi". Brands that put their employees ahead of their products.
I don't really see how anyone could love social media. Or why you'd want to work in social media.
I specialize in people. Meeting people, talking to people, interacting with people and, when called for, marketing to people.

How about you?..thingking about it..

Sony Ericsoon to Android: What I learned

Last week I made a big switch from an iPhone 3GS to an HTC Desire HD that runs on Android 2.2.

The decision to switch was brought on by the fact that I needed to replace my sony ericsson. I need a device that can function as my primary content creation device in terms of camera and video, manage my podcast subscriptions, hold and play lots of music and handle lots of social networking applications like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.

A few years ago, I had an HTC Touch Diamond that was running the horror that was Microsoft Mobile Windows 6.5, or whatever it was called. At the time, the phone was somewhat marketed as an iPhone competitor but I have to say that it was terrible. I barely ever used Windows Mobile Office and it was confusing as to what was MSFT or HTC and what was Windows and what was the phone. Essentially the integration with HTC's Sense UI and Windows Mobile was terrible. Then Telus had a navigation application that didn't even work.

I eventually upgraded to my iPhone 3GS and was instantly in love. Everything worked and the mobile browsing experience was amazing. My fat fingers could type and select content through the browser and although I am not a fan of the "closed" Apple experience, I appreciated that apps and podcasts were easy to find and sync.

The experience of deciding between iPhone and Android was a tough one and I learned three important things:

1) Bad first experience are hard to overcome: sounds obvious but my previous experience which I have since learned were largely due to Windows Mobile 6.5 being a joke, really soured me on HTC. I know that they have started building great phones but I was really hesitant to go back down the HTC road.

2) Apple is winning the "ease of app" war: I like to keep my eyes and ears open to what is happening in mobile and I still found that my impressions of Android were tainted by the perception that whole application ecosystem was divided and not as convenient as iPhone. The reality is that there is an easy to use app "Market" and even better, people can email me apps and they are added to my phone in a matter of minutes. The Android app experience isn't much worse in reality but the perception is that it is.

Anyways, I'm loving my phone so far and will keep you updated on how things progress..btw i still love my sony k530i hee~

I'm bored and I'm getting tired

I'm sorry.

This post is going to sound really negative but I'm finding myself really bored and I'm tired of seeing some things over and over.
I'd say that I see them in social media or marketing but the truth is that everything is just one big pile these days and so I'd like to just call it life.

I'm tired of seeing:
People who claim to be "into" social media: If you have to make this claim, you're probably lying. I see people all the time who to try to sell themselves to others as bloggers who never blog. I can tell you never blog because I went to your blog and can see that you blog once in a blue moon. I ended up on your blog not because I googled you but because you linked to it somewhere next to where you claimed to be a blogger. Same goes for people who claim to be "into" Twitter who never tweet or who joined in the last six months. It's like saying I'm an expert sushi chef after I make my first dragon roll. Just because you say something, doesn't mean it's true. If you're really into something and really good at it, we can tell and we know it just by looking at you.

Blogging/tweeting recaps of events: I know that this is a great way to get visibility and that people who aren't at events can still learn but every single time there is an event, I have to see hundreds of tweets about the event and then hundreds of tweets that promote posts summarizing the event. Why not try to bring something different to the table and talk about something different. Riff on the topics or speakers. Tell me something I couldn't have learned from being there or something different from what other people are doing -which to be honest is just reporting. I know there are people who will argue me on this one but I just see the same "tactics" over and over again and the execution is starting to bore me.

101 Discussions: I can't stand going to events, reading content or listening to events that give you 101 level advice about a topic. Often we see the X things you need to know or the X reasons why you need to do Y type topics and they are driving me up the wall. It's 2011 and if you aren't doing some things in social media, marketing or communications, then you need to get your head checked, get a new job, retire or step aside because here's a little nugget for you "the pace of change is quickening and if you're still working on a Web2.0 strategy you're going to be miss Web3.0". I'll send you a postcard from Web 4.0, send me your address.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. I owe you a beer if we ever meet.

Bulan Pernah Terbelah Dua??..

haip u all..you alls mahukan entry tbaru?..yeaahh ntah pape jerkk lah aku niehh..HAKHAKK...Bebaru nieh aku da tbace satu buku tyme aku lpak ngn kenkwan aku kat MPH..ttarik dgn satu bku nieh lupa sapa pnebitnye..tapi tajuk sal Bulan Pernah Terbelah Dua??..makk aihh betoi kan ini?..meh jum kngsi sume..

Kisah Terbelahnya Bulan
Lima tahun sebelum Nabi saw berhijrah dari Makkah ke Madinah, ada sekelompok orang Quraisy yang datang menemui baginda dan mengatakan: “Hai Muhammad, jika engkau benar-benar seorang nabi dan rasul maka datangkanlah bukti yang menunjukkan bahwa engkau memang benar-benar seorang nabi dan rasul.”
Maka Nabi bertanya kepada mereka: “Apa yang kalian inginkan?”
Mereka berkata dengan tujuan melemahkan dan menantang: “Belahlah untuk kami rembulan itu!”
Nabi SAW lantas berdiri beberapa saat. Baginda berdoa kepada Allah swt agar memberikan pertolongan untuknya dalam situasi seperti ini. Allah swt lantas memberikan ilham kepada baginda untuk berisyarat dengan menggunakan jari tangan baginda ke arah bulan. Tiba-tiba bulan tersebut terbelah menjadi dua bahagian. Satu bahagian menjauh dari bahagian yang lain selama beberapa jam kemudian bersatu kembali.
Maka orang kafir berkata: “Muhammad telah menyihir kita!”

Akan tetapi orang-orang yang cerdas diantara mereka mengatakan: Sesungguhnya sihir itu terkadang dapat mempengaruhi orang-orang yang menyaksikannya dan tidak dapat mempengaruhi seluruh manusia. Maka tunggulah rombongan yang datang dari perjalanan.”

Maka orang-orang kafir bergegas keluar menuju pintu-pintu kota Makkah untuk menunggu orang-orang yang datang dari perjalanan. Ketika rombongan pertama datang, orang kafir bertanyakan kepada mereka: “Apakah kalian melihat sesuatu yang aneh terjadi pada bulan itu?”

Mereka menjawab: “Ya, benar. Pada malam itu kami melihat bulan itu telah terbelah menjadi dua dan saling berjauhan satu dari yang lain kemudian kembali bersatu.”

Maka berimanlah sebagian dari mereka dan kafirlah orang-orang yang tetap kafir. Oleh kerana itu Allah SWT berfirman :

“Telah dekat datangnya saat itu (hari kiamat) dan telah terbelah bulan. Dan jika mereka (orang-orang musyrikin) melihat suatu tanda (mukjizat), mereka berpaling dan berkata: “(Ini adalah) sihir yang terus menerus”. Dan mereka mendustakan (Nabi) dan mengikuti hawa nafsu mereka, sedang tiap-tiap urusan telah ada ketetapannya. (Al-Qamar (54): 1-3).

Kisah Dari Sudut Moden (Angkasawan Amerika Ke Bulan)

Apollo 11 adalah misi luar angkasa pertama yang berjaya membawa manusia ke Bulan dan kembali dengan selamat. Apollo 11 merupakan salah satu dari projek NASA yang terbesar dengan belanja melebihi 100 billion Dollar, disaat negara Amerika mengalami kemelesetan ekonomi. Projek ini adalah salah satu perlumbaan meneroka angkasa semasa era perang Dingin dengan Soviet Union.

Apollo 11 dilancarkan pada 16 Julai 1969 menggunakan roket Saturn V dan tiba di bulan pada 20 Julai pada tahun yang sama. Pada saat mendarat di bulan, pesawat luar angkasa ini membawa Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, dan Michael Collins.

Disebalik kejayaan mendarat di bulan, para astronout ini secara tidak langsung telah membuat penemuan bahawa bulan pernah terbelah dua. Berikut adalah dialog semasa astronout ini diwawancara di sebuah stesen televisyen :

Pengacara: “Apakah rasional membelanjakan lebih dari 100 milion dolar Amerika hanya untuk mendaratkan seorang ilmuwan Amerika di atas bulan?”

Astronout : “Tidak, tujuannya bukan untuk mendaratkan ilmuwan Amerika di atas bulan, tetapi kami mengkaji struktur geologi bulan dari bahagian dalam.

Dan kami pun telah menemui satu penemuan saintifik, seandainya kita menghabiskan berjuta – juta dollar untuk membuat orang percaya terhadap penemuan tersebut, tentu tidak ada orang yang mempercayai kami.”

pengacara: “ apakah penemuan itu?”

Astronout: “Bulan ini pernah terbelah pada suatu ketika kemudian bersatu kembali.”

Pengacara bertanya: “Bagaimana anda mengetahui hal itu?”

Astronout menerangkan: “Kami mendapatkan sebuah sampel dari bebatuan yang membelah bulan dari permukaan hingga ke bahagian dalamnya. Kami membuat kajian dan berdiskusi dengan para pakar geologist dan mereka mengakui bahawa hal tersebut tidak mungkin terjadi kecuali jika bulan pernah terbelah kemudian bersatu kembali”

*Ura -ura bahawa Neil Amstrong telah memeluk Islam setelah kembali dari misi mendarat di bulan mungkin ada benarnya juga, mungkin setelah beliau menyaksikan kebenaran kejadian ini..

Dalam Cerdik Pandai, Ada juga Bodohnya Manusia....owhh tidakk!!..

hey2 u all..yoyo washup guys n grlz sume!!..pakahabar u all??..miss all of u larh...kali nie entry aku agak kontroversi kowt...pape pun aku mntak maaf lah lau ada yng tarase ngn entry aku kali nieh..Aku pelik dengan sikap manusia. Di dalam kecerdikan dan kepandaian mereka pun ada kebodohannya.

* Eh, bagaimana tu? Aku tak fahamlah. Engkau selalu cakap yang aneh-aneh. Apa maksudnya yang sebenar, biar senang aku yang memang bodoh ni faham.
- Maksud aku kebodohannya tu tak sepatutnya ada. Bahkan sangat ketara pulak.

* Eh…. Aku lagi tak faham.
- Begini… selalunya manusia kagum dengan keindahan alam semulajadi yang diciptakan. Tapi malangnya Pencipta ciptaan itu sikit pun tak dikaguminya. Bukankah aneh… hasil ciptaan sangat dikagumi, tapi Penciptanya langsung tak diambil peduli.

* Agaknya sebab manusia hanya nampak yang lahir saja .
- Seumpama manusia yang kagum dengan kereta, tapi tak mengkagumi perekanya, maka begitulah kebanyakan manusia ini. Mereka terpesona dan mabuk dengan ciptaan Tuhan, tapi tak pula terpesona dan mabuk dengan Tuhan.

* Kalau semua orang mabuk dengan Tuhan, nanti semua orang tak pergi kerja. Asyik dengan tasbih dan sejadah sahaja.
- Tidak. Terbukti, orang yang mabuk dengan Tuhanlah yang berjaya mentadbir dunia,seperti zaman Khalifah Islam yang empat,Islam mengembangkan sayapnya hingga berjaya menakluki tiga suku dunia.Yang aku bertambahhairan, pakar-pakar ciptaan Tuhan dianggap ilmuan.

* Pakar-pakar ciptaan Tuhan?
- Mereka yang pakar tentang batu, laut,haiwan manusia dan fisiologinya dan entah apa-apa lagi.Bukankah apa yang mereka kaji itu semunya ciptaan Tuhan? Lalu setelah mendapat ilmu-ilmunya maka merekapun diberi ijazah, degri serta berbagai-bagai gelaran. Bahkan di kagumi dan dihormati. Padahal mereka inilah golongan yang jahil tentang Tuhan dan ilmu ketuhanan.

* Mereka belum mendapat hidayah .
- Mereka inilah cerdik pandai yang bodoh. Cerdik yang tidak memberi makna apa-apa. Kerana cerdiknya pada perkara yang tak utama, tapi bodohnya pada perkara yang utama.

* Jadi sebenarnya apa salah mereka?
- Mereka tak salah. Kerana mereka sebenarnya tidak diberi hidayah dan taufik. Tapi kita yang memberi pengiktirafan kepada mereka sehingga mengkagumi kepintaran dan kecerdikan mereka itulah yang salah. Mereka bukanlah manusia yang pandai luar biasa, tapi mereka sama sahaja seperti manusia lain yang tidak ada apa-apa istimewanya.

Sebabnya, apalah yang hendak dikagumi perkara yang dapat disentuh dan dirasa (hasil ciptaan) tapi jahil terhadap pekara yang tak dapat disentuh dan dirasa iaitu Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Tapi kalau kedua-duanya dikagumi hingga timbul rasa Hebatnya Kekuasaan Tuhan, rasa malu dengan Tuhan, rasa hinanya diri… waktu itu, barulah mereka benar-benar menjadi orang yang cerdiknya luar biasa.

Itulah pengiktirafan sebenarnya di dalam Islam...
p/s..so u all sume nilai lah sendri lah pa aku ckap nieh!!..mntak maaf lau ada yng trase keyh!!..adioss!!..hee

Semanis Senyuman..

salam semua....yoyoyo u alls!!..sehadkah anda?..miss u all larhh..agak kbizian sudah lame tdak mngupdate belog yng ntah pape da HAHA..
aku na mlekan entry kali ngn Senyum….Senyum itu sedekah.

Senyum merupakan cara terbaik untuk membuat diri anda cergas sambil membantu tubuh anda untuk berfungsi lebih baik. Senyumlah untuk meningkatkan kesihatan anda, kurangkan stres, dan tingkatkan daya tarik anda. Senyum adalah salah satu cara mudah untuk hidup lebih lama dan cubalah seperi di bawah ini

1. Senyum buat anda nampak menarik.
2. Senyum mampu mengubah mood anda. Daripada mood muram kepada ceria.
3. Senyum membawa kegembiraan bersama dalam diri anda.
4. Senyuman dapat melegekan stress.
5. Senyum…mampu meningkatkan sistem imun
6. Senyum mampu menurunkan kadar tekanan darah
7. Kajian telah menunjukkan bahawa senyum mampu menghasilkan endorfin, pembunuh rasa sakit (pain killer) dan serotonin. Senyum adalah ubat yang semulajadi.
8. Senyum mampu mengangkat wajah dan membuat anda lebih muda.
Otot-otot yang kita gunakan untuk tersenyum mengangkat wajah, membuat seseorang tampak lebih muda.
9. Dengan tersenyum ia membuat anda nampak lebih berjaya
10. Senyum Membantu Anda Tetap Positif

p/s...senyum Senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa..HAHA senyum lah anda sebelum anda disenyumkan oleh ku haha..renungkan dan selamat beramal..hee