Thursday, 14 October 2010

Meanderings by me..ngua2..

It's been a crazy bit of time for me - and of course, really I should be study on stuff for the test I'm leading at a conference the test...but why else would I be on here, if not for procrastination?

It's been a busy start to the year. My courses are all on one day - which means every other day I'm at college, and the other days I'm at the mosque...other that to pray for Allah for all my mistakes are forgives. ...

I'm also taking a course on how people learn and are motivated to do stuff (applies to work, parenting and praktikal - although most of the people in the course are talking about teaching almost exclusively) and I'm totally geeking out on it. I love this kind of stuff - since it resonates so much with how I'm starting to think anyway. Basically - external rewards (like grades, stickers and cash) don't do much to actually motivate us to learn more, do better, live better - and at times they prevent it. Be honest - would you actually do a better job at your job if you got a bonus at the end of the year? Or would you do the same job regardless. What if you got LESS of a bonus than you thought you deserved - would that make you continue to work as hard? See? You won't do MORE for a bonus, but you will do LESS for a smaller than expected bonus. NOT useful?..

#$%#^^^&%#......(going crazy)..

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